General Terms and Conditions

AGE REQUIREMENT: For groups A, B, J drivers must be over 21 years of age. For any other vehicle group, min age of the driver must be 25.

YOUNG DRIVER'S SURCHARGE: Young driver surcharge allowes customers aged 19 & 20 years old to rent a category A, B, J vehicle under the condition that they hold a drivers license for at least 12 months prior to the pickup day. Young drivers surcharge is available at 10 Euro + vat per day. Young drivers cannot add to their rental Super CDW or Super Cover.

PAYMENT METHOD: For all groups a valid Credit Card accepted by Thrifty, must be shown for the pre-authorization of the renter's liability as well as the settlement of final rental charges (for non prepaid reservations).

DEPOSIT FOR GUARANTEE: For rentals in Greece, upon pick up of the vehicle, Thrifty will preauthorize an amount from the driver's credit/debit card as a deposit for guarantee equal to the amount of the insurance waiver, as defined in paragraph "COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW-SCDW)". The amount of the deposit varies according to the car group and will be fully refunded at the end of the rental, provided no other charges arise. Please note that the refund can take up to 14 days, depending on the issuing bank of the credit/debit card.
DRIVING LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required from the driver.The driving license can be issued from Greece, the European Union or the driver can hold a valid International Driving Permit (IDP).  For more information over the accepted Driving License per country of origin, please click here.

TRAFFIC FINES: All fines resulting from the drivers conduct are born solely by the renter.

INSURANCE: All authorised drivers of Thrifty vehicles are covered against damages from Fire to the rented vehicle, and Liability Insurance to Third Party death, injury, and property. Both coverages are subject to General Terms of the Thrifty’s insurance contract with its Insurer.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW-SCDW): The renters liability for damage to the rented vehicle, can be reduced, under the condition that the Greek Traffic Law is not violated, to a minimum charge of €850 for groups A, B, J, €1000 for groups C, D, F, M, K,   €1,300 for groups E, N, NM, O, U, 8, YL, T by paying 12€, 15€ and €23 per day respectively. Damage to the underside of the car, the wheels and the types is not covered.

The renter may reduce the above liability to a minimum charge of €300 for groups A, B and J, €350 for groups C,D, F, M, K €550 for groups 8, E, O, N, NM, U, YL, T by paying an additional €10 ,€12 and €19 respectively per rental day.

THEFT PROTECTION (TP): Theft protection is an optional service which, if accepted, reduces the renter's financial responsibility in case of total theft of the Thrifty vehicle to €750 for groups A, B, J, € 900 for groups C, D, F, M, K, T €1250 ffor groups E, N, O, NM, U, 8, YL, by accepting a charge of € 6, € 9 and € 12, respectively per rental day. This excludes any thefts of personal effects.

SUPER COVER (SUP): The renter can be fully covered (with zero excess) in case of total theft or damage to the Hertz vehicle, with a daily charge of €12 for groups A, B, J, €13 for groups C, D, F, M, K,  and  €21 for groups 8, E, N, O, ΝΜ, U, YL, T provided that the renter has previously accepted the relevant coverage charges for CDW, SCDW, and TP , or has a reservation inclusive of these coverages. Moreover, Super Cover covers any damages caused on the vehicle's windshield and tyres and includes Extended Road Assistance. Damages caused to the underside and wheels of the vehicle are not covered by any insurance. Super Cover is not available for rentals made by drivers aged 19 and 20 years old.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVERAGE (PAC): For a charge of €9.5 per day, Personal Accident Coverage can be obtained covering driver´s and passenger´s medical expenses resulting from an accident with the rented vehicle up to €1,500 and for the loss of life or total / partial permanent disablement: up to €70,000 and €17,600 respectively. Aggregate indemnity for every accident is limited to €88,000. 

INCIDENT ADMINISTRATION FEE (IAF): In case of an accident regardless of renter’s liability as well as due to violation of the Greek traffic laws, the renter has the obligation to pay a non refundable fee of €30 + VAT, to cover administration expenses.

FINE ADMINISTRATION FEE (FAF): In case of a fine due to a violation of the Greek Traffic laws the renter has the obligation to pay Thrifty a non refundable fee of €15 + VAT, to cover administration expenses.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER/S: A charge of €5.00 per day has to be paid for each additional Driver.

AIRPORT CHARGE (ASC): The charge applicable to all airports in Greece is 6% except for «Eleftherios Venizelos» airport in Athens where the charge is 13%. The above percentages are calculated on the sum of charges excluding taxes and fuel charges.

BIOLOGICAL CLEANING CHARGE: Applicable if upon return the vehicle requires cleaning beyond the usual cleaning to prepare it for the next rental. The biological cleaning charge is €100. For cases where we need to clean a seat, a child seat and not the whole saloon the charge is reduced to €50.

GASOLINE PRE-PAYMENT POLICY: For rental periods of 3 days or longer and at the start of rental, the renter is required to pre-pay the cost of any petrol in the tank of the vehicle to be rented. Upon return and only then, of the rented vehicle, the renter may request a refund of the cost for any remaining amount of fuel in the tank, which if less than that of initial pre-paid quantity, a Refuelling Service Charge will be applied.


BABY SEATS: Available on request with a daily charge of €7.

GPS: Available on request with a daily charge of €8.

SNOW CHAINS: Available with a daily charge of €8 and only after a writen request by the renter at least 7 days prior to the rental date.

FLEET AVAILABILITY: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

COLLECTION / DELIVERY: Every collection or delivery which does not take place at a Thrifty location shall be charged €14 (city rate). Outside the city limits there will be an additional charge of €0.60/km for categories A, B, J for all other categories. The charge for every delivery or collection Outside Working Hours is €50.

ONE WAY RENTALS: Applicable between Thrifty locations following a written authorization and a special charge agreement with Thrifty.

ACROSS THE BORDER RENTALS: Allowed only with the prior written agreement with Thrifty.

FERRY TRANSPORTATION: Allowed only with the prior written approval of Thrifty and provided that the renter has accepted the Ferry Boat Cover. Otherwise, the renter is liable for all damages that may have been caused for any reason to the rented vehicle during its transfer, regardless of any coverage and liability restrictions accepted and paid at the start of the rental.

The Ferry Boat Cover at an additional cost of € 20 + VAT per day and a maximum charge of € 60 + VAT per rental.

ROAD ASSISTANCE: Please contact Interamerican (24hrs service) tel: (+30) 210 626 4646 /(+30) 210 94 61 044.

TAXES: All rates and charges in this brochure are subjected to V.A.T. At some offices a municipal tax of 0.5% is added to the rental rate.
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